James M. Godbold teaching class

Our Highest Commercial Photographic Recommendation


To Whom It May Concern:

During the forty plus years of my photographic career, which included six years with the National Geographic Magazine as its first director of photography, it has been my privilege to have known and worked with many outstanding photographers, editors and artists.

Especially rewarding, has been the opportunity to meet and be associated with younger, multi-talented photographers eagerly seeking to make their mark in our demanding profession.

One such talent, which I have observed for the past several years, first as my student, then associate and finally as the owner of his own studio and laboratory, is Nolan Conley.

To para-phrase a popular commercial, "Nolan has earned his credentials the hard way. He has worked for, and sacrificed for them."

Today, NOLAN CONLEY PHOTOGRAPHY is synonymous with quality, the quality of his work, of his ability to work with people of all ages, the quality of his imagination when a commercial requires that extra something and the quality of his character as a professional, a husband and a father.

Should you have the opportunity to engage Nolan Conley for his professional photographic services whether on location or in the studio, whether for intimate personal photography or catalogue items, you may be assured that every detail of your assignment will receive his expert attention.

Sincerely yours,

James M. Godbold
First Director of Photography for National Geographic

  I owe much to Mr. Godbold as he and his family helped me greatly to become the company my wife and I enjoy today. He taught me, a raw talent, and sacrificed time, effort and treasure to help me learn the fine craft of photography.  You Mr. Godbold and your family's efforts are much appreciated!