Houston Commercial Photography Frequently Asked Questions


General Frequently Asked Questions

  Will you quote our job?

We will be pleased to quote your job and will provide you a price based on what you tell us.  However, if we get to the job and things have been added or different specs or services are required, then we will work with you to amend the price where it's fair for both of us.  Visit our quote form on this site!


Is photography the only aspect of what you do?

No.  Most products, people and images need to to retouched or "cleaned up".  We charge for this.  We deliver completed images that are ready for you to use as you see fit.


Professional Portraits Frequently Asked Questions:


How does the process work?

Call us for an appointment at 281-320-8644. Then at the sitting, we'll take around 20 - 30 or so photos and show them to you directly after the sitting on our large screen, color-corrected monitors. We'll review the photos and you will pick your favorite. If you need some help in selecting your best look, we'll be glad to help. After selecting the best photograph, it will be corrected, retouched and converted into a size suitable for large printing jobs from billboards to sales flyers, business cards and also a photo file optimized for online images. We will provide you with the images before you leave in most cases.

On location, we basically do the same thing and use our color-corrected laptop to edit the photos and most of the time the images are delivered same day.